white_door - links

Well here are some of my favorite sites:

RPGDX - There are a lot of really great RPGs on here, some even complete :p Plus check out the forums. It is a programming langauge/platform indepent site though, so don't expect a lot of programming specific stuff in the forums, but exceptions exist so don't listen to me. ;)

allegro.cc - a resource site for the allegro game includes many games of many genre and a really good forum for programming retated stuff.

Fenix Blade - if you haven't see Fenix Blade before I suggest you get out from under that rock you've been under your whole life, and go and try out the newest demo.

kqlives - KQ is not dead! When the original auther layed down the project he posted the source code for it on his website and now the game will live on! :)

DarkDreams - Site for Darkdread's personal projects.

Lithum Online - Nice indie site with RPGs plus some arcade stuff. Also home to DS4QB which is a library for quickbasic users to be able to play nice sound & music.

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