white_door - programming

As one of my hobbies I like to program games. This page has code for some of the stuff I've done.

Resources: You will need the following if you wish to compile
mingw.sourceforge.net - win32 port of the gcc compiler
www.allegro.cc - cross open source platformal game library.

Projects by Bram and Me:

ASHES [win][src] - a miniRPG made by me & Bram with the dread engine (includes map editor)
MONKEYHACK [src] - This was done by the two of us for an allegro contest, it was too hard for most people, but I thought it was fun. ;)
SPACEWARS [bin & src] - This is AI game where the goal is to make the AI for a small spaceship that will fight and kill all the other AIs. Up to 8 AIs can play at the same time. This game is complete... but it could be extended to a better game. (Eg. more different AIs, more balanced combat, networking, option to have human players.) However I don't plan to work on it.

Random Piles of Source Code: This stuff is up on the site for historical preposes only. I'm not even sure they will compile anymore. ;)

SPACE [bin & src]- ahh.. This is one of my earlier projects its not even playable however it does have some interesting tricks you might like to look at. Including random map generation of planets that is then wrapped around a sphere. hehe I plan to continue it sometime.
MAP [src] - Ugh.. this was my first allegro project, its was meant to be a RPG.. but sort of turned in to a sort of RTS, you can move around with your units and attack enemies.. but there is no building of units and no enemy AI. Like in SPACE all the maps are randomly generated.
COMBAT  [bin & src] - An experiment in to coding a battle engine like found in final fantasy legend on gameboy.

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